More summer more extras at DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant!

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The Majestic White Truffle

The Majestic White Truffle The “Diamond of the Kitchen” as it is often called, the infamous White Truffle has become the most favored and highly sought after, fungus in the history of fungi! Harvested only from October until December, the Winter White Truffle is also called Alba Truffle or Piedmont, since its history goes way […]

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The “King” of Cigars!

The “King” of Cigars! Have you ever seen 2.000$ go up in smoke? Well, if not, you can search up for the world’s most expensive cigar, which is no other than the infamous, Limited Edition, “Gurkha, Maharaja”. It is the “ultra premium cigar” as Juan Lopez, who works for Gurkha, calls it and with good […]

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Fish & Seafood Benefits!

It’s almost a given, that most of us grew up listening to the “Eat your fresh fish! It’s good for your eyes!!” phrase, by our parents, grandparents and so on… However we weren’t really big fans back then! As the years passed though and fish along with seafood came to be on the top of […]

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“Meat” me… In Mykonos!

Usually a luxury dinner in Mykonos is associated with fresh fish and seafood! However several luxury restaurants in Mykonos are offering the best of best, when it comes to meat… Some of the most popular choices lately, the crème De la crème if you wish, are the Kobe beef and the Tomahawk Steak (no, we’re […]

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Dinner with… Godlike History!

Mykonos was named after Apollo’s grandson and it’s said to be the Sun god’s island… It’s safe to say that the island is… Godly! And it’s even safer to assume that the food in the island is, also approved by the gods… It goes without saying that the beach is the best place to eat […]

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Mykonos and the Art of Partying!

If you haven’t heard by now… the best luxury parties take place in Mykonos! The island is famous for its crazy party scene and endless, wild nightlife… People from all over the world are eager to live this experience and that’s why every year the events and birthday parties in Mykonos, get bigger and crazier!  […]

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It’s all in the Aperitif…

Aperitif is a category of drinks offered before dinner to enhance a dining experience to the maximum. Apart from that, they can elevate any catering service, raising its cosmopolitan aura and revenue. Just like the hors d’oeuvres can set the mood for dinner, the aperitifs can set you up for the delicacies and drinks to […]

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More summer, more extras at DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant!

The summer of 2017 seems like will last definitely more. We are excited as the summer days are still here and the sun shines bright all over Mykonos island and the Aegean Sea. So what does that mean? More summer, more extras at DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yalos!   […]

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