The night begins at DK Oyster

Contemporary cuisine inspired by the exuberance of Mykonos

Imagine the sun setting behind the horizon; feel the last light of day getting dimmer and the coolness of the night slowly settling in.

This is the time when you wish to be with your loved one, treating them with a romantic dinner, or with your friends, to start your evening in elegance and style, with the finest tastes.

Dinnertime at the DK Oyster is an elegant affair, almost as if it was set in a distant land, away from the summery fun of the beach; yet, it blends in harmony with the seashore vibe, making you feel like the entire beach is yours, set for your pleasure only!

feel the last light of day getting dimmer

and the coolness of the night slowly settling in

Contemporary cuisine inspired by the exuberance of Mykonos, scrumptious dishes and sublime drinks all come together in an elegant environment that will take your breath away, impressing your guests with the ultimate in gastronomic pleasure.

The nights of DK Oyster invite you to a world of succulent, tantalizing treats and the intoxicating spirits of the finest drinks from around the globe, a world where style and luxury are staples to your day-to-day.

This world exists on the fabulous Mykonos Island and the gorgeous Platys Gialos beach; it is the world of the DK Oyster restaurant and bar!

Private events & weddings

Plan your events at Dk Oyster

Celebrate any special occasion in luxury and style, in the magnificent DK Oyster restaurant and bar, a venue designed with elegance and inspiration for hosting spectacular events.

Private Rooms

Create your very own private dining affair

DK Oyster can take your dining experience to the next level of exclusivity and elitism with its splendid private rooms. An entire restaurant devoted exclusively to you and your company with personalized service and impeccable tastes is the epitome of opulence and leisure.

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