impeccable service and scrumptious tastes

The taste of summer

As the day reaches its peak and the fun by the seashore helps build an appetite, something wonderful is happening; a wonder in the kitchen of the DK Oyster restaurant and bar.

Lunch time in the DK Oyster kitchen is the time when all our inspiration meets first-rate ingredients to create modern, innovative dishes that will leave a lasting impression on your palate!

Fresh seafood, rich oysters and the classy caviar work their way to divine hors d’oeuvres and heavenly dishes full of flavor. Elegant proposals for a gratifying meal that will leave no one dissatisfied.

Combine your lunch with dazzling champagne

the most sublime Russian Vodka or hand-picked wines

Enjoy your lunch in our elegantly decorated restaurant, in a stylish space where impeccable service and scrumptious tastes raise the bar for any beachside venue.

You can also enjoy our dishes at the comfort of your lounger, without leaving your little haven of summery bliss by the seafront.

Combine your lunch with dazzling champagne, the most sublime Russian Vodka or hand-picked wines from around the world for a complete gastronomic experience that will surpass even your wildest dreams.

This is what the DK Oyster is all about, gastronomic indulgence and aristocratic luxury, all in one bite!

Private events & weddings

Plan your events at Dk Oyster

Celebrate any special occasion in luxury and style, in the magnificent DK Oyster restaurant and bar, a venue designed with elegance and inspiration for hosting spectacular events.

Private Rooms

Create your very own private dining affair

DK Oyster can take your dining experience to the next level of exclusivity and elitism with its splendid private rooms. An entire restaurant devoted exclusively to you and your company with personalized service and impeccable tastes is the epitome of opulence and leisure.

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