Why you should visit Mykonos this Summer

June 4, 2020

With summer being just a breath away, many people are starting to wonder if they’ll be able to travel. The good news is that from June 15, the International Tourism period will officially begin again in Greece and chances are you will probably be able to visit your favorite island. Since Greece has been deemed a low-risk country for this new virus, people from other low-risk countries (countries that had a low number of coronavirus cases) will be able to travel to the country, while the list of those countries is expected to be expanded during the summer. Yes, there will be measures to follow and precautions to take, but that shouldn’t stop you from resuming your vacation plans in Mykonos! Some people will be asked to take spot tests and there will be restrictions, however… The island will be as beautiful as ever and there are plenty of reasons to choose it…

If you missed having a luxury dinner in Mykonos, rest assured that you will be able to have one. The best places to eat in Mykonos, have open-air spaces where you’ll get the chance to enjoy a wonderful dining experience without worrying, while the restaurant owners will be taking the necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. The weather of the island will give you the opportunity to spend almost all your times outdoors, which means a lower risk for any virus.

Contrary to popular belief, Mykonos has a large number of free, sequestered beaches where you will be able to avoid large crowds and just have some much needed moments of serenity and tranquility after this trying period. By keep practicing social distancing while being there, you will enjoy the bright sun and the deep-blue sea water fearlessly… Another great option would be to try an open-air cinema! Greece in general is known for the best open-air cinemas in the world and Mykonos should be no exception. It’s a really wonderful, romantic, and above all, safe option for a magical summer evening.

The food of course plays a crucial role as well… The best places to eat in Mykonos, serve everything from king crab to the best lobster you’ve ever tasted! Seafood is known for its health benefits and right now you want your health state to be at its best. Well, by having a luxury dinner in Mykonos you can have an amazing, delicious meal and have a great health boost too.

And of course we always have the incomparable beauty of the island! After all this time at home, the beauty of Mykonos will leave you even more in-awe. You’ll appreciate the crystal waters, the Cycladic whitewashed buildings, the majestic flora and the quaint pebbled streets even more. It is called the Island of Winds for a reason after all… Just imagine the soft, night breeze caressing your face, while you’re gazing at the moonlit or starlit sky. Oh it’s definitely a dream!

Plus, if a little partying is what you’re seeking after all this time of quarantine, you’ll have the chance to do that to. Beach clubs will reopen, with some safety measures of course! As long as you’re being careful for your safety and for the safety of others, you can do anything. And Mykonos is definitely the best place to do it this summer. Safe travels!