The chichi beach of Platys Gialos

The blissful ambiance goes hand in hand with the DJ’s tunes

Powdery golden sands, sunny blue skies and the revitalizing powers of the Mediterranean Sea; the bustling beach of Platys Gialos incorporates all that feels good about the summer.

Those who know exactly what they want and how to relish in all the pleasures of life find their ultimate destination at the DK Oyster bar and restaurant, at Platys Gialos beach. Relax and enjoy ultimate, unadulterated luxury and VIP treatment on the beach, with the amazing tastes and flavours of the DK Oyster bar, the ethereal drinks, the impeccable service and of course the magnificent atmosphere of luxury;

a treat for all the senses.

Powdery golden sands, sunny blue skies

atmosphere of luxury

The blissful ambiance goes hand in hand with the DJ’s tunes, guiding the vibe of the beach; smooth and chill, fluid and seductive, energetic and passionate.

Mingle and sense the beauty of the scenery, the joy of the summer crowds, the finest drinks from around the world and the premium tastes of the DK Oyster – velvety oysters and crab, freshly caught seafood and the sea’s most sought-after treat, the beaded pearls of caviar.

The pure essence of luxurious beach-life can only be expressed by the DK Oyster experience, in the beach of Platys Gialos, Mykonos

Private events & weddings

Plan your events at Dk Oyster

Celebrate any special occasion in luxury and style, in the magnificent DK Oyster restaurant and bar, a venue designed with elegance and inspiration for hosting spectacular events.

Private Rooms

Create your very own private dining affair

DK Oyster can take your dining experience to the next level of exclusivity and elitism with its splendid private rooms. An entire restaurant devoted exclusively to you and your company with personalized service and impeccable tastes is the epitome of opulence and leisure.

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