Breakfast fit for kings and queens

dip in delightful morning treats

Who could have ever guessed that such a simple ritual could be so exquisite? Start your day royally with breakfast or brunch by the sea, at the DK Oyster restaurant and bar.

As the sun begins its glorious trek along the skies and the sea breeze slowly invites everyone for a revitalizing morning dip in the crystalline, azure waters of the Aegean, DK Oyster prepares the most delicious morning treats just for you!

From an exquisite breakfast to our delectable brunch dishes and the most refreshing cocktails, nothing tastes better than breakfast lounging under the sun.

exquisite breakfast to our delectable brunch dishes

breakfast lounging under the sun

Lay on your lavish sunbed, let the gentle morning rays relax you and dip in delightful morning treats; freshly baked goodies, juices and smoothies of your favourite fruit, and inspired light snacks, all created with the freshest local and organic ingredients.

Nothing says ultimate indulgence more than feeling that you woke up right by the crest of the waves, on one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Mykonos.

The best way to start your day is the fun, laid back way; the yummy, scrumptious way; the DK Oyster way!

Private events & weddings

Plan your events at Dk Oyster

Celebrate any special occasion in luxury and style, in the magnificent DK Oyster restaurant and bar, a venue designed with elegance and inspiration for hosting spectacular events.

Private Rooms

Create your very own private dining affair

DK Oyster can take your dining experience to the next level of exclusivity and elitism with its splendid private rooms. An entire restaurant devoted exclusively to you and your company with personalized service and impeccable tastes is the epitome of opulence and leisure.

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