4 Themes for a Perfect Mykonos Wedding

June 12, 2020

Mykonos island is without a doubt one of the most cosmopolitan and glamorous destinations in the world! Thus, it’s no surprise that when it comes to events, gatherings and birthday parties, Mykonos has the best locations to offer… The same goes for weddings of course. Every year, more and more people choose a Greek island for their fairytale weddings and especially right now, with everyone seeking the outdoors for any event they’re planning. So if you’re wondering where to host your reception this year, Mykonos is the best choice. Due to the island’s undeniable beauty, there’s a multitude of wonderful themes you could choose and we have gathered the best of the best. It’s time for a safe, and perfectly stylish, wedding which will make all your dreams come true!

1. Cycladic White & Blue

Just like every Cycladic island, Mykonos is full of amazing, whitewashed buildings and blue-domed churches that could be the perfect setting for a dreamy, Cycladic wedding! Imagine a venue filled with the colors of white and blue. Flowers, linens, decorations, everything you can think of creating such a classy scene for a beautiful, serene reception. Most of the events restaurants in Mykonos have outdoor spaces, overlooking the magnificent Aegean Sea. Can you think of anything better? Add a floor length, white gown with blue, flower accents on the hair and the bride will be feeling just like a true island princess!

2. Do-The-Mermaid

Mermaids have been a popular event theme for quite a while now and no, they’re not just for kids birthday parties in Mykonos! If a mermaid wedding is what you’ve always dreamed of, leave it to the magical island to make that dream come true!  Greece has a rich mythology, especially when it comes to mermaids… From the Great Alexander’s sister to the countless stories of local sailors. If mermaids were to live somewhere, the Greek Islands would definitely be it. Imagine a mermaid cake, a mermaid style shimmering gown, baby blue brides(mer)maid dresses, pearl jewelry, seashells everywhere and the deep blue sea serving as the most ideal background. Yes, this is definitely what dreams are made of. Keep in mind that the DK Oyster team can help you design any possible wedding theme. The expert event planning team will listen to your thoughts and desires, with the aim of bringing them to life!

3. Boho Chic

When we’re talking about island weddings, we can’t help but think of a peaceful, bohemian wedding. Especially in Mykonos, where there is a huge number of dreamy beaches, you could get married with your toes literally touching the sand… Dainty flowers on the hair, a unique color palette of beige and neutral tones decorating the venue and just you, your loved one and the sea! At such a wedding the positive vibes will be oozing everywhere. You and your guests could then have a lovely dinner with local, Greek delicacies at an events restaurant in Mykonos and dance all night at the beach. Wedding goals for sure!

4. White, Gold and Ancient Glam

When it came to glamour, the ancient Greeks had it all down! If you are a lover of the ancient Greek history and you also love a touch of glam, there’s no place other than Mykonos to have your dream wedding. The Greek Antiquity can serve as the best source of inspiration for everything from the venues’ decoration, to the table styling and the wedding dress. For such a reception, the events restaurant in Mykonos would be filled with white tones and subtle golden accents, while columns would be giving a strong sense of glory! The bride would be wearing a white, Grecian style gown with impressive gold, Grecian bracelets and laurel leaves would be adorning her eye-catching hair do. This theme would guarantee a very luxurious, yet classy reception everyone would remember for a long, long time!

In the amazing island of Mykonos, the possibilities for a fantastic wedding are endless. The beauty of Mykonos itself makes for the most suitable island wedding, while Greece’s history and traits can spark the imagination and help create the most amazing themes… Get ready to have all your dreams come true. After all, what is a wedding, if not a beautiful dream?