The 6 Best –and Safest– Outdoors Activities in Mykonos

June 9, 2020

When it comes to the best luxury parties, Mykonos is definitely the place to be, since the island is famous worldwide as the craziest and most glamorous partying destination! However this summer, with everything that has been going on with the new pandemic, you might want to tone that down a little bit and enjoy a different side of the Island of Winds. Partying will still be going on, but most of it will be outside and with necessary precautions. Mykonos has many more to offer though, so we’re showing you the best ways to spend almost your entire time outdoors, with safety! 

1. Just Dive

Whether you’re a certified diver or it’s your first time trying, the experience will be one for the books! The island has plenty of certified, Scuba Diving instructors to teach you the basics when it comes to being safe underwater and to help you have a wonderful time. Just like every Greek island, Mykonos has an ocean floor filled with amazing and colorful underwater flora, while the sweet little fish are always ready to make friends… If you’ve always wanted to be in Ariel’s shoes from The Little Mermaid – Oops! We mean fins! – now is your chance. Plus, it’s a pretty safe activity against any virus, since you’re literally wearing a full head mask and a body suit! The diving centers are also going to be following the provided safety guidelines against the pandemic.

2. Walk the Walk

Never underestimate the power of a good walk! Other than being famous for the best luxury parties, Mykonos is also an island with many surprises… So while being there take a walk a discover them. The majestic, whitewashed churches will impress you, while the little, picturesque streets will be the most ideal setting for a romantic walk with your SO. There are so many wonderful locations for you to wander around. And if you’re keeping some distance from other passengers, you’ll have time of your lives, while also staying safe and sound!

3. Safari Time

We bet you inner Indiana Jones is thrilled with the idea! It would also be a great excuse to don that all beige outfit you’ve been meaning to show off for a while… Mykonos has many safari themed attractions that can offer you a jeep tour of the island for an unforgettable experience. However, even if those are closed or limited, if you consider yourself a good driver, you could always rent and jeep and go solo! Safe and definitely interesting! The island is full of locations of untouched, natural beauty that are waiting for you to discover.

4. Eat Out

If you’re on the quest of finding the best place to eat in Mykonos, you should highly consider choosing one with an outdoor space, close to the seaside. There’s nothing more romantic or idyllic than having a lovely dinner with live seafood or fresh fish, while listening to the sound of waves crashing and while enjoying the Aegean breeze.

5. Bicycle Fun

If walking is not your thing, try renting a bicycle instead… It’s a very “green” and safe way to explore all the wonderful streets and beaches of the island, and to reminisce about lovely childhood moments! Bicycling will give you a sense of freedom and it’s simply the ultimate summer activity that you shouldn’t miss. Whether you chose an organized tour, or just do it alone, the experience will definitely be worth your while.

6. Go to the Beach!

As classic as it may sound, being at the beach is one of your greatest choices. Organized beaches will be following all the necessary measures to ensure everyone’s safety, such as keeping a mandatory distance between sun loungers and providing only take-away products at the beach bars. Or you can always choose a more sequestered beach –Mykonos has a multitude of those– where you will keep your own safety measures, such as social distancing, sanitizing etc. After all, there’s no summer without a Splash!

So now you know that the best luxury parties in Mykonos are not the only fun option. People tend to forget than apart from being a very cosmopolitan destination, Mykonos remains a very serene, Cycladic island too! You can avoid the large crowds and still have fun. Spending times outdoors is a great way to fully grasp the vibe of the Mykonian summer and at the same time, to stay protected. Partying of course is fun too, but right now that crowds are a bit risky, having fun in the sun is the next best thing!