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Σχετικά με όσα καταγγέλονται ότι συνέβησαν σε εστιατόριο στη Μύκονο, μετά από νεότερη έρευνα και σύμφωνα με όσα αναφέρονται και σε εξώδικο που λάβαμε, προς αποκατάσταση της αλήθειας, οφείλουμε να αναφέρουμε τα εξής:  Στο πλαίσιο του καθήκοντος αληθείας, και σύμφωνα με την δημοσιογραφική δεοντολογία, ανακαλούμε στο σύνολό τους όλα τα προσβλητικά, συκοφαντικά, ψευδή και υβριστικά […]

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Why Are Cuban Cigars So Expensive?

When you consider the cost of general tobacco products like cigarettes, rolling and pipe tobacco, one could be excused in thinking that Cuban cigars are too expensive. In the UK you can purchase 25g of pipe tobacco for less than £10. For that price, you couldn’t even buy a Petit Corona which weighs 7g on […]

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Petros the Pelican: The King of Mykonos

Some years before the absolute glamour, the ultimate extravagance and the best luxury parties, Mykonos was a much quieter, yet absolutely beautiful island. It was then, when an unexpected visitor made his first appearance. One who was set to become the most legendary of them all. The Queen of the Cyclades, as Mykonos is often […]

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Some of the Most Expensive Seafood Dishes in the World!

If your wish is to find a fabulous luxury restaurant, Mykonos has your back… The island is well known for having the best, fresh fish and seafood, but also for the opulent moments one can have there. So search no more for the best lobster, Mykonos is where you’ll come across it! There’s nothing more […]

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4 Themes for a Perfect Mykonos Wedding

Mykonos island is without a doubt one of the most cosmopolitan and glamorous destinations in the world! Thus, it’s no surprise that when it comes to events, gatherings and birthday parties, Mykonos has the best locations to offer… The same goes for weddings of course. Every year, more and more people choose a Greek island […]

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The 6 Best –and Safest– Outdoors Activities in Mykonos

When it comes to the best luxury parties, Mykonos is definitely the place to be, since the island is famous worldwide as the craziest and most glamorous partying destination! However this summer, with everything that has been going on with the new pandemic, you might want to tone that down a little bit and enjoy […]

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4 Reasons to Try Oysters Today!

The health benefits of eating seafood are very well-known worldwide… So the fact that tons of people are longing for a great meal that includes them, while vacationing on the Greek islands, is not surprising at all. Fresh fish and live seafoodin Mykonos especially, are staples for their great taste, as well as for their […]

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Why you should visit Mykonos this Summer

With summer being just a breath away, many people are starting to wonder if they’ll be able to travel. The good news is that from June 15, the International Tourism period will officially begin again in Greece and chances are you will probably be able to visit your favorite island. Since Greece has been deemed […]

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The Rare and Expensive Wagyu Beef

Have you ever heard of the term “Wagyu Beef”? If not you’re probably missing out, since according to the experts it is one of the most expensive meats in the world and probably one of the most delicious one’s too! Now we might not be able to travel, and thus taste some premium meat in […]

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