Take the first bite from DK Oyster gastronomic experience

Take the first bite from DK Oyster gastronomic experience!

April 12, 2017

It was not easy, yet we are excited as the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant Menu is now ready and full of delicious surprises! We kept everything in mind; the local produced ingredients, the fusion of authentic Mykonian tastes with a creative twist, the pursuit of the freshest fish and the some meat suggestions that won’t leave anyone untouched. Quite the opposite; you will definitely want to be part of the DK Oyster gastronomic experience!


First of all we are delighted to find Ms Maria to provide us fresh vegetables and fruits that are produced in Mykonos to use in our salads, starters and other dishes. Talking for starters our suggestions, have a little bit of everything; seafood and bites that enclose all gastronomic essences of the Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, some gourmet dishes with the finest seafood are must try tastes.


Seafood, oyster, mollusks and fresh fish are the main core of the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant menu for the summer 2017! Seafood varieties are also available and do not miss our special dishes like, let’s say, the steamed mussels in broth of saffron! Risotto and pasta with seafood are also suggestions that you simply cannot miss if you are looking for a complete satisfaction of your gastronomic desires. Let’s move on now to the scrumptious surprises for those you prefer meat! Well, we selected some really premium meat suggest like the Galician Veal Bone, Tomahawk from USA, Ribeye and Black Angus that definitely make your order more.


The DK Oyster gastronomic experience has also something for those craving for light bites and visitors who wish to start their Mykonos day in DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant. Our breakfast/ brunch suggestions are to die for and you won’t find a more delicious Mykonos spot to start your day! Last but not least our desserts can be an excellent finish to your DK Oyster gastronomic experience or standalone if you feel like you have to satisfy your sweet tooth desires! If you are already feeling hungry for the experience, then book online at