DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant Great service makes the difference

DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant: Great service makes the difference

April 20, 2017

We are all set up and open to share the new Mykonos sensation’s experiences that we prepared at DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yialos. Menu and tastes are now ready to be enjoyed, sun loungers, bar and restaurant are set to welcome our first guests; the first who will be part of the new hot check in on the island of Mykonos. Above all, though, we are really proud of the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant great services as it makes the difference and all our staff are in position to greet you with smile, lead you to your table or your sun lounger where you will just relax and enjoy your day in Mykonos.

The thing is that we paid a great deal of attention to the people that work in DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant as we strongly believe that besides the tastes and the atmosphere, people are part of the experience. Professional chefs and mixologists, welcoming waiting staff are now all on the spot to create the best and most summery atmosphere aiming to offer you the most pleasurable experience you can have in Mykonos island.

Talking of the experience, let us take you on a mind trip to the DK Oyster, where professionalism meets the evocative atmosphere of Mykonos, where a warm smile of our people becomes the best part of your DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant visit! Ask them for anything you might need; for a special dish, a tailor made cocktail or just to take you a photo to remember forever and share your moments in DK Oyster Mykonos.

So, if you are after an amazing summer thrill in Mykonos island, then the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant’s great service makes the difference and will offer you all you have dreamt or imagined for what we call, summer as it should be! More at