Living the perfect day in Mykonos!

Living the perfect day in Mykonos!

April 6, 2017

Are you a first time visitor of Mykonos? Or you are coming back every summer to experience all these things that make Mykonos so unique? Whichever is your traveling status and your “relationship” with Mykonos, then we have some great news to share. Actually, we are eager to describe how is living the perfect day in Mykonos! This post has the very same importance whether this will be your maiden arrival on the island, or even if you know Mykonos like the back of your hand. Because by the beach of Platys Yialos, something is getting ready; an unprecedented Mykonos summer sensation!


This summer will be the first one for the new Mykonos, place- to- be for all day summer fun and relaxation. So whether you are looking for living the perfect day in Mykonos, by the golden sandy beach of Platys Yialos lies your answer. As this new seaside venue will be open from late morning for breakfast and brunch at the beach where you can unwind, do some super fun water sports or keep enjoying the tastes coming from the DK Oyster Beach Bar & Restaurant to your sunbed. This is a perfect choice if either you are visiting with your friends or you are in a romantic voyage in Mykonos.


There are so many to taste, live and discover all day in DK Oyster Beach Bar in Mykonos! The fresh fish, the creative Mediterranean culinary creations, the full flavored cocktails, the amazing summer and cosmopolitan allure are just some things that make DK Oyster such a great all day escape in Mykonos. Put DK Oyster to your Mykonos list of the things to enjoy this summer as this will be exactly the spot where summer tastes, fun and cosmopolitism will meet all day and all summer long! Find more information at