How to Cook the Tomahawk

February 28, 2020

How to Cook the Tomahawk
Are you a fan of the infamous Tomahawk steak? In our last post about this really interesting rib-eye that has the bones still attached, we talked about its origins and its appeal… Today however, we’re going to take a look on how can we cook this “King” of the steaks! The size of this premium meat is kingly, trust us… If you’re not so big on cooking though, fear not! All you need to do is to take a vacation in Greece this summer, and you’ll find the most premium meat in Mykonos, while you can, of course, taste the Tomahawk steak delicacy there as well!

Enter Chimichurri

Speaking of Greece, the best sauce that one could use for the cooking process of this unique steak, is the Chimichurri –No, it is not a Marry Poppins word-, sauce which actually contains quite a few classic, Greek ingredients. A fiery tasting sauce that will give this steak, which already has a truly rich flavor, a much needed Mediterranean spin!The Chimichurri sauce is consisted of fresh oregano, flat leaf parsley, extra-virgin olive oil, cilantro, garlic, shallot, lemon, dried chili flakes -for the fiery taste we mentioned earlier-, red wine vinegar and salt! Most of these come from Greece, so as you can imagine a luxury dinner in Mykonos would have the best cooked Tomahawk ever!

A cooking kind of relaxation!

After you’re sauce has come together, it’s time to cook the steak! With a piece of meat of that size, you’ll need to at least get it up to room temperature, so you’ll have to take it out of the refrigerator several hours prior to the cooking process. Oiling the meat is essential and it’s actually one of the most satisfying parts… Use as much virgin, olive oil as you want and add a little bit of salt and pepper too!

The time has come, to place the stake into the hot pan, or at your grill, whichever you prefer! Though grilling at the back yard sounds simply amazing… But whatever you choose, make sure to just take a moment and listen to the sound of the smoke you’ll see emerging when you’re cooking it! If you are an ASMR fun, this is definitely going to be something you’ll love and enjoy. Truly peaceful and oddly satisfying! Make sure to color both of the sides, before you put it into the oven for some roasting!

And voila! It’s time to rest the steak for a bit and then sprinkle the sauce for a magical, gastronomic poem! If all these sound a bit too much for you, book a trip to Greece and come to taste the most premium meat in Mykonos, as well as a luxury dinner!What do you think? Will you be giving Tomahawk a try this summer?