TOP 6 Instagrammable Mykonos Locations

March 13, 2020

When you’re on vacation, especially on a Greek Island, other than wanting to live the best experiences and relax, you also want to take a bunch of photos to keep for posting on the gram’ right? You know it, we know it, everyone knows it! And if that’s your aim, Mykonos is the best place to be… Every year a huge amount of people flood the island with the hopes of taking the most insta-worthy shots. You’ve probably seen all the idyllic posts taking over your feed, creating a sense of envy and a strong need for a holiday. Thus, when travelling there you’re not just going to search for the best place to eat in Mykonos, you’ll also want to look for the most picturesque spot for your impromptu -or maybe not so impromptu- photo shoot! Well, you’re in luck, because the Island of the Winds is full of them and we have gathered the top 6 below. Without a further ado, let’s discover them!

1. Old Town of Mykonos

We have all seen the photos of the wonderful, whitewashed buildings of the Old Mykonos’ town, with the deep blue doors, the striking, fuchsia Bougainvillea blossoms and the nostalgic, pebbled alleys and have probably, endlessly drooled over them! Yes, when thinking about the best luxury parties, Mykonos may very well be the first word that pops up in your mind, however there’s a certain magic about this more traditional side of the island. It can definitely serve as a perfect backdrop for your beautiful photos, but it also gives you the chance to explore and travel back in time… Cycladic architecture dominates the town and the memories you’ll make will be amazing. Plus, you’ll get to keep them in your photo-album forever and reminisce. Definitely a Win-Win situation! Pro tip: Try to head there during the early hours, because later the place can get really crowded.

2. The Churches

Most, if not all, of the churches of Mykonos have been built with the classic, Cycladic architecture. Visiting some of them would certainly be a very spiritual experience, while you could also take the most wonderful photos! Their bright white color reflects the light in such a majestic way. A moment you’d really want to keep forever! Some of the very well-known ones and absolutely beautiful are the churches of Panagia Paraportiani, in the Chora town (mainland), the Panachra Church with the beautiful flags and the Agios Nikolaos Church on the harbor of Mykonos. Make sure to be respectful when visiting and especially when photographing, since these are sacred grounds! You should also try going for the early hours once again, to catch the perfect lighting and avoid the crowds.

3. The Windmills

Leave the best luxury parties in Mykonos behind for a little while and opt for a much more peaceful scene, where you will also be able to take the most amazing, instagrammable shots ever! The island has a total of 16, beautiful windmills that where once used to will wheat. Today however, they have become a poll of attraction for the people of Mykonos, as well as for tourists from all over the world. If you visit the Kato Mili on Mykonos’ mainland, you’ll find the Five Windmills as they’re called, which truly is one of the best places to take some dreamy photos that will last forever! This location will also serve for wonderful sunset gazing and for listening to the waves crash, giving you the most serene moment. A memorable experience awaits you…

4. Mykonos’ Old Harbor

At the edge of Mykonos’ old town, you will come across the old Harbor of the island, where you can find some of the best places to eat in Mykonos, as well as small, quaint cafes, both with a perfect view of the deep blue waters of the Aegean and the charming, colorful little boats. As you can imagine, such a place would be an ideal background for striking insta-photography and for relaxing, rejuvenating moments while being on your vacation. Sit on the edge of the pier for the most majestic, photo-shooting result!

5. Little Venice

Just below the Five Windmills you will find one of the most photo-worthy and romantic spots in the island, which is none other than Little Venice! If the name didn’t give you the hint, let us tell you that this adorable, little corner resembles the Italian City of Venice, is just in front of the sea, making you feel like you’re literally on the water. There you can sit at the most beautiful cafes and bistros for a coffee, a cocktail or a perfect photo session!

6. DK Oyster Mykonos

It goes without saying that our all-day, entertainment venue, DK Oyster is the best place to eat in Mykonos, holds the best luxury parties in Mykonos and is definitely the best place to take amazing photos! At the heart of Platys Gialos beach, right in front of the seaside our Mykonos sensation will amaze you with its satiny oysters, fresh fish, live sea food and breathtaking views. Just imagine all the wonderful times and shots. Our plates, other than completely satisfying your appetite, will provide the most impressive #foodpics of your life! You can have fun, party all day -and night- long or completely relax and unwind depending on your needs, while also taking tons of photos to keep the memories alive forever!

What do you think? Will you be visiting Mykonos this summer? Endless fun, relaxing moments and wonderful locations are waiting for you to discover. And of course, your Instagram feed will be thanking you later!