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A fish in Japan just sold for a record $3 million — here’s why bluefin tuna is so expensive

Narrator: In 2013, a 489-pound tuna sold for a whopping $1.8 million. But you can buy a can of tuna fish at the grocery store for under $2. So, what’s the difference? For starters, it’s not the same fish. Canned tuna typically comes from albacore. They’re small, grow fast, and are abundant for fishing. And they […]

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Some of the Most Expensive Seafood Dishes in the World!

If your wish is to find a fabulous luxury restaurant, Mykonos has your back… The island is well known for having the best, fresh fish and seafood, but also for the opulent moments one can have there. So search no more for the best lobster, Mykonos is where you’ll come across it! There’s nothing more […]

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4 Reasons to Try Oysters Today!

The health benefits of eating seafood are very well-known worldwide… So the fact that tons of people are longing for a great meal that includes them, while vacationing on the Greek islands, is not surprising at all. Fresh fish and live seafoodin Mykonos especially, are staples for their great taste, as well as for their […]

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Why you should visit Mykonos this Summer

With summer being just a breath away, many people are starting to wonder if they’ll be able to travel. The good news is that from June 15, the International Tourism period will officially begin again in Greece and chances are you will probably be able to visit your favorite island. Since Greece has been deemed […]

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The Rare and Expensive Wagyu Beef

Have you ever heard of the term “Wagyu Beef”? If not you’re probably missing out, since according to the experts it is one of the most expensive meats in the world and probably one of the most delicious one’s too! Now we might not be able to travel, and thus taste some premium meat in […]

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The Right Way to drink Champagne!

Imagine this situation: You’re having a luxury dinner in Mykonos, you’re tasting the fresh fish, live seafood and you’re enjoying a glass of the most premium champagne… A dream, right? Well, having a glass of sparkling wine can be very enjoyable at home too, but did you know that you could actually be doing it […]

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What is the most expensive cheese in the world made of?

The existence of Fresh fish and premium meat in Mykonos is a fact! However, there are so many luxurious delicacies we don’t hear about so often… You’ve probably all know about Cleopatra’s infamous, lustrous bath which was filled with several kinds of milk. One of those types of milk was donkey milk! In ancient Egypt […]

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