Brunch in Mykonos

Where to go for brunch in Mykonos?

March 10, 2017

The thing about Mykonos island lifestyle is that probably you will go out dancing and drinking all night long and you won’t wake up early to have breakfast. There is no need to worry, of course, as Mykonos has the new brand new hot spot for brunch. DK Oyster Beach Bar & Restaurant starts its day with a rich brunch menu to satisfy your need for food after a great night out.

All sorts of international brunch delicacies are available to enjoy wherever you feel like; at the sunbed or the restaurant area. The best about go brunching in DK Oyster is that you don’t have to leave the beach after savouring your meal. You can stay and enjoy the sea and the sun all day long. DK Oyster is a brand new summer destination in Mykonos and you definitely have to discover what makes your visit here relaxing and summery all the way!

This is the best destination to go for brunch in Mykonos, meet with your friends, party or relax all day long. We will give you some hints about brunching in DK Oyster. Lay on your lavish sunbed, let the gentle morning rays relax you and dip in delightful morning treats; freshly baked goodies, juices and smoothies of your favourite fruit, and inspired light snacks, all created with the freshest local and organic ingredients. The best way to start your day is the fun, laid back way; the yummy, scrumptious way; the DK Oyster way!

Doesn’t this say it all on the brunch experience in DK Oyster by the beach of Platys Gialos in Mykonos? So when the question pops up of where to go for brunch in Mykonos, then the answer will be simply DK Oyster Restaurant & Bar, the brand new summer sensation of Mykonos. Read more here