DK Oyster Mykonos Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Restaurant!

March 16, 2017

The gastronomic heart of the brand new summer sensation in Mykonos called DK Oyster Restaurant beats at the proposing the freshest seafood delicacies. You do have to be prepared and eager to taste some of your life’s greatest seafood proposals. From late morning hours to night, in DK Oyster Restaurant you can taste satiny oysters, tender crab, freshly caught seafood and the black gold of the seas. All these come with the finest cocktail and of course the ultimate pair: a glass of bubbly champagne.

While creating the DK Oyster menus, we aimed to make you part of the gastronomic extravaganza of enjoying the most delectable sea tastes. It is an amazing experience to lie on your comfortable sunbed and a platter with delicious seafood bites arrives. Or even better, let’s say that you wish to enjoy a light lunch, what is there if not some freshly caught, beautifully cooked seafood delicacies. This is how you will enjoy fresh seafood in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Restaurant.

But the fresh seafood experience does not stop at lunchtime, as we do have, every night, some amazing proposals for your dinner. As the Mykonos night skies fill with stars, the yachts are floating quietly by the beach, in DK Oyster; we light up candles and prepare our tables to welcome all seafood lovers for a dinner experience that absolutely reflects the beauty of Mykonos and the tastiness of fresh fish and sophisticated seafood.

There is always, of course, the all-day option so that you can savor all the delectable seafood proposals of DK Oyster Restaurant whenever and wherever you wish. There is the perfect combination of all: the sun, the sea, the taste, the service and the feelings that complete the fresh seafood in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Restaurant experience. You just have to book a sunbed or a table and join us to Mykonos’ new summer gastronomic feast at