Introducing the DK Oyster Experience

The new Mykonos summer sensation: Introducing the DK Oyster Experience!

February 21, 2017

 The summer of 2017 welcomes a new destination on the island. You know that the beach entertainment scene is constantly changing but this summer you have to add a new pin on the beach destinations of Mykonos. It is time to discover, visit and feel the DK Oyster experience at the beach of Platys Gialos. This is the new all-day summer sensation of Mykonos, so get ready to enjoy:

Delicious food: From breakfast to dinner, in DK Oyster you will enjoy one of Mykonos’ greatest gastronomic experiences. It’s all about satiny oysters, tender crab, freshly caught seafood and the black gold of the seas, caviar; refined treats to pamper your palate!

Fine drinks: Cocktails are the quintessential element of summer’s wellbeing thus in DK Oyster on the beach of Platys Gialos you will enjoy signature cocktails bursting with taste and feelings. Fine drinking in Mykonos now has its ultimate destination, DK Oyster.

The best champagne: Oysters have a best friend and that would is non-other than a bottle of champagne! Uncork some bottles of the worlds’ finest champagne and add to your summer life the most extravagant touch. A champagne party with your friends at the beach of Platys Gialos will be an experience that you will fondly keep in your heart forever.

Dancing: Set your flip flops aside and feel the hotness of the golden sands of the beach of Platys Gialos on your bare feet. Now start moving to the summer beats that call you to dance! If you start sweating all you have to do is dive at the crystal clear waters of the DK Oyster beach.

Relaxing: Well, let’s say that for you, a day at the beach means endless relaxation. The comfortable sun loungers of DK Oyster are the best possible solution to enjoy the sun and the sea of Mykonos; here, relaxation takes you to an even more luxurious dimension.

Privacy: If you are looking for more privacy you can rent a cabana where you can throw a party, indulge in an express beauty treatment or just relax. DK Oyster is a whole new summer world where everything you might have dreamed of for your summer happiness has been anticipated and is promptly provided.

You just have to wait a few months until the DK Oyster’s official opening! Then, summer days in Mykonos will have a brand new sensation and the DK Oyster experience will be yours to live! Meanwhile visit our website at for reservations and more.