DK Oyster’s refined gastronomy

Summer in Mykonos has the taste of DK Oyster’s refined gastronomy!

February 23, 2017

Forgive our long title; we just had to make you part of the brand new summer gastronomic sensation of Mykonos, the DK Oyster! We can’t hide our eagerness for its upcoming opening! We thought out of the box and we intend to capture the essence of Mykonos with our tastes for those who are after an all day and complete gastronomic experience. We aim to give to the summer in Mykonos the taste of DK Oyster’s refined gastronomy and we start from as early as 11.00 a.m. to prepare your breakfast that you will enjoy in our premises or at your sun lounger!

As the sun starts to heat up the atmosphere and you are dipping in-and-out of the sea you are bound to work up an appetite! Ιn DK Oyster you can enjoy tastes from our brunch menu that will cool you down and keep you going. Do not forget: anytime is a great time to uncork your favorite bottle of champagne or order a refreshing cocktail to make you feel even more happy and summery blissful.

In the menus of DK Oyster you will find some great options for light or complete meals proposing seafood delicacies, locally inspired recipes and international flavors made with the finest ingredients that keep coming to your table or you sun bed to enjoy the finest summer food! Just enjoy the gastronomic proposals of DK Oyster all day, while at night-time visit our premises for a summer-night dinner made just for you.

At the moment we are constantly trying the tastes and the combinations of ingredients that will result in the final dishes you will get to enjoy this summer at the beach of Platys Gialos in Mykonos. This summer in Mykonos will have the taste of DK Oyster’s refined gastronomy and you can take the first bite here: