Smart ways to move around in Mykonos Island

Smart ways to move around in Mykonos Island

July 13, 2017

As we already talked about the beauty, the tastes and the sophisticated yet summery allure of DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yalos, today we will go through some essential info regarding smart ways to move around in Mykonos or, if you prefer saying, the best transfer services on the island.

When you arrive on a destination, among other things that you have to take care is the transfer details. In a destination like Mykonos though just renting a car is an option but why go with the obvious when in Mykonos so many options are available. If you wish to spend your days, relaxing or having fun at the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant with the delicious tastes and the innovative cocktail arrange a private transfer to take you back and to your lodging with comfort and style. This is getting more necessary if you are visiting the island to celebrate.

But we do have an even better suggestion. Why not renting a yacht for a day or all your holidays and spend hours at the beaches of your choice disembarking to enjoy summer life by the beach of Platys Yalos? Just think of a day that you wake up in your yacht and the visit DK Oyster for the mouth-watering brunch experience. Or, even better, arrive late afternoon for cocktails, champagne and some oyster as our name suggests.

You just have to think out of the box regarding your holidays in Mykonos as for the food, great service and more summer desires the new sensation of Mykonos, called DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant will provide anything you might need. There are too many smart ways to move around in Mykonos but there is only one hot destination that can provide more than food and liquids. Follow us in this summer journey at