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Live the best of Mykonos in September and the DK Oyster!

Live the best of Mykonos in September and the DK Oyster!   As the good weather continues, September in Mykonos is even better to enjoy all the feelings and experiences that this amazing island has to offer! There are still plenty of great things to live and there is a place to live it all […]

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What is Mykonos? DK Oyster gives all the answers!

We live in Mykonos, we work in Mykonos and we simply love Mykonos. As we are moving towards the end of August, we ‘d love to share some thoughts of how it makes us happy to work and have a created such a Mykonos hot spot like the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant at the […]

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Why August is the best month to visit Mykonos!

Over the last years, the tourist season tends to extend its duration as hotels open early in spring time and close by the end of October. Traditionally though, the peak of the season is August, people’s most favourite month to holiday is August and generally speaking when August arrives so does the time for vacation. […]

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Food-Drink-Fun: where to find everything in Mykonos island!

Well summer has arrived, temperatures are now really high and you are in Mykonos island! Many beaches and venues call for summer days fulfilling the dreams of holidays that must include everything you desire. Wondering where to find everything in Mykonos island regarding food-drink and fun? We do have the answer and it starts with […]

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Smart ways to move around in Mykonos Island

As we already talked about the beauty, the tastes and the sophisticated yet summery allure of DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yalos, today we will go through some essential info regarding smart ways to move around in Mykonos or, if you prefer saying, the best transfer services on the island. […]

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5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017

If there were 5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017, then these are the ones below; but there are definitely more. We just try to mention and conclude the 5 reasons that will definitely make you feel wonderful while you are spending your holidays in the Aegean Sea and the island of Mykonos.   […]

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How Dom Pérignon Got Its Name

Champagne is somewhere up there with the caviar and Porsche’s of the world. We’ve all heard of it before, some of us even know the exact region in France where it’s created. But very few of us know the history of Champagne and the key figures who have helped make it one of the world’s […]

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