DK Oyster Mykonos Chill out

Chill out in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Bar!

March 23, 2017

Summer in Mykonos is whole a different story and absolutely different of what to experience from any other place in the world. On an island famous for decades as the rich and famous destination, party goers and sea lovers know that will find in Mykonos the perfect place to create summer memories that last forever. The entertainment map of Mykonos changes every season proposing new places and spots to discover the summer in you and live it all the way through. The summer 2017 fun hot spot is the DK Oyster Beach Bar.


Conveniently located close to the Chora of Mykonos, at the beach of Platys Gialos, you will find the perfect destination to chill out in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Bar. This is an all-day destination that meets every summer need. Whether you are looking to relax by the sea, enjoy the best cocktail, uncork a bottle of champagne just to celebrate summer then here you are. And you definitely have to add some flavors to your chill out in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Bar experience. We are talking about some freshly caught seafood from the sea that lies in front of you, the Aegean Sea.


Upon it’s opening and total reformation, DK Oyster Bar and Restaurant is meant to offer an amazing summer experience. The location, the azure Platys Gialos, the service, the drinks selection, the comfy sun beds, the cosmopolitan atmosphere make your days here so truly relaxing and rejuvenating that you won’t want to think of anything else. After all, what makes up the perfect chill out experience for you in Mykonos if not for delicious bites, refreshing sips and the beauty of the Aegean unfolding in front of you?


The DK Oyster chill out experience is something that you have to search for and unwind in all the things that will make your summer holidays in Mykonos amazingly relaxing! More at: