Where to party in Mykonos DK Oyster Bar Restaurant is the answer

Where to party in Mykonos? DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant is the answer!

June 15, 2017

We still feel the vibrancy of Mykonos Live TV great party some days ago. It was as a night the everyone in Mykonos island talk about. Local and international stars attended a great party with lots of tastes and champagne and a great deal of fun till the first morning hours. After all, a party in Mykonos is not successful enough if you don’t dance to the morning sun rays. Following this extravaganza, if the question is where to party in Mykonos, the answer is DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant and here you will find all the reasons why.


The total renovation of DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant results a beach venue that took Mykonos entertainment by the beach a step further. Comfort and style play a major role as long as you enjoying the sea and sun by the beach, whereas the service of DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant leaves nothing to chance and takes a great deal of care for your summer relaxation.


Then we changed everything in our menu. The oysters, seafood, fresh fish, the fine meat and the fresh vegetables arriving daily from a local farm lead to the creation of a gastronomic feast that blends perfectly with the summer scenery that surrounds you. We elevated everything in our bar with mixologists that know how to create the perfect summer cocktail for your party.


After all, summer is an endless party and wherever you are after a great party, like the Mykonos Live TV or you just want to organize a private one then in DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yalos you will simply find all the fun ingredients for a party night that you will never forget. So, the next time that the question is where to party in Mykonos, DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant is the answer! For more click on