Info Facts All about Champagne

Info & Facts: All about Champagne

May 31, 2017

We will never get tired saying that champagne is the top choice when you want to celebrate and we also like to add that this is the drink choice for summer. In DK Oyster, we paid a great lot of attention to the champagne selection that we suggest and propose to our guests. Come along as we have some really interesting info and facts about champagne.


// The first to enjoy champagne was people of the middle ages. Thanks to the Romans that planted vines to northeast France.

// The very name champagne belongs to the region that was firstly produced. The Champagne province stretches from Flanders on the north to Burgundy in the south; from Lorraine in the east to Ile de France in the west.

// The French Kings were the first who used this wine to celebrate.

// Dom Perignon and the physician Christopher Merret are believed to have created the champagne. The method for making champagne is called “methode champenoise”.

// The carbon dioxide or carbonic acid gas, which is natural to champagne, is what makes champagnes to explode every time you uncork a bottle.

// Champagne derives from the Pinot Noir variety that has a blue colour outside and is red inside.

// Champagne makes a great aperitif, can accompany many flavours and -more importantly- can stand-alone.

// Oysters, caviar, fish or shellfish are considered champagne’s best friends.

// The ideal temperatures to serve champagne are 12°C for the older or the greater champagnes, 8-10°C for the younger, non-vintage ones.

// Tulips shaped glasses are made for champagne to pour.


That was our little special on info and facts about champagne, now there is only one thing left; to uncork as many champagne bottles as you like in DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant to celebrate summer and life! More at