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Mykonos and the Art of Partying!

November 21, 2019

If you haven’t heard by now… the best luxury parties take place in Mykonos! The island is famous for its crazy party scene and endless, wild nightlife… People from all over the world are eager to live this experience and that’s why every year the events and birthday parties in Mykonos, get bigger and crazier!  Wouldn’t you like to have such a night to remember forever? The event venues and event restaurants in Mykonos, are hosting more and more parties every year!

Even celebrities can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to spend some days on the island and party their hearts out!!! Mykonos became a favorite celebrity spot around the mid 60s, with the likes of Grace Kelly or Brigitte Bardot and Aristotle Onassis giving the island a touch of glamour that would transform Mykonos into one of the most jet-set destinations around the world forever… But things didn’t stop there, as the years passed by luxury yachts and private planes kept on landing, bringing celebrities like Mariah Carey, Kelly Brook, Leonardo DiCaprio and even the most famous party girl of all herself… Paris Hilton! Who was also a DJ for one of Mykonos best luxury parties! As you can imagine the fantasy is real…

Birthday parties in Mykonos, hosted by celebrities or not, become more and more elaborate with event restaurants in Mykonos and party planners going the extra mile with live performers, the best DJs and even fireworks! And the crowds go crazy, of course! There’s just something about this place that screams… Fantasy! It gives a feeling that anything could happen there, anything magic or over-the-top! It’s no wonder that so many people love it for their vacation, even the very well known ones… The island really never sleeps, but during the day, it’s actually a very peaceful place! Maybe that’s what also makes it so appealing… That antithesis! The fact that you can party like never before, but also relax and enjoy peaceful, Greek island moments as well! Which is pretty much what every celebrity needs…

That said, you don’t have to own a yacht or be a Hotel heiress to have fun there… Don’t you think you’d like to have an epic birthday party in Mykonos too? Even if you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend, it’s safe to say that you can, in fact, have the best luxury party in Mykonos! And that’s because it’s not all about the Mykonos’ event restaurant, venue or DJ you will chose for your party… It’s because the island itself has such a long history and such an opulent vibe… That you couldn’t feel anything less than royalty! So book a flight… And get your party ON!