“Meat” me… In Mykonos!

December 4, 2019

Usually a luxury dinner in Mykonos is associated with fresh fish and seafood! However several luxury restaurants in Mykonos are offering the best of best, when it comes to meat… Some of the most popular choices lately, the crème De la crème if you wish, are the Kobe beef and the Tomahawk Steak (no, we’re not talking about hair!!) These two have been gaining some serious popularity lately, with many longing to taste them and learn what they’re all about…

Yes, but what are they?

Kobe beef is a very special variety of the Japanese cattle, Wagyu! But these particular cattle also have a special name, Tajima-Gyu and are being raised under the special, and very strict, standards of Hyogo! The name of the beef, Kobe, comes from the capital city of Hyogo! Breeders take extra high care of those standards, by giving them feeds created out of forage, grasses, and rice straw, supplemented with corn, barley, soybean, wheat bran, and even beer or sake! These must be some really happy cattle! The result of this happiness, along with prolonged periods of fattening is a rich, buttery flavor like you’ve never tasted before… To make a long story short, the Kobe beef is now the most sought after beef in the world, and since the supply is pretty low, it’s also the most expensive beef in the world… You can now find it in the luxury restaurants of Mykonos and be sure to have the most luxurious dinner in Mykonos, you’ve ever had!

Tomahawk steak is a special cut of beef steak, that leaves and extra five or more inches of rib bone, thus making it look like an… axe! You’ll also come across it as ‘’Cowboy Steak” or “Bone in ribeye”. Their different and more unique look has made these stakes very popular amongst high-end restaurants and chefs around the world, as well as theluxury restaurants of Mykonos! They usually are about two inches thick and they weigh 2.6 pounds more or less! Since their ‘’special’’ look has caused quite an attraction, don’t be surprised if they’re a little pricier than any other stake… That’s why they make the perfect choice for a luxury dinner in Mykonos!

So what will be your choice?
Whether you’re hoping for an over-the-top luxurious moment with the Kobe beef, or want to spice it up by channeling your inner “Conan the Barbarian”, due to the oh-so-primitive vibe of the Tomahawk steak, the choice is yours to make! And it will surely be one to remember…
Bon appétit!