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It’s all in the Aperitif…

October 8, 2019

Aperitif is a category of drinks offered before dinner to enhance a dining experience to the maximum. Apart from that, they can elevate any catering service, raising its cosmopolitan aura and revenue.

Just like the hors d’oeuvres can set the mood for dinner, the aperitifs can set you up for the delicacies and drinks to come, during a magnificent evening meal. Essentially they prepare both the stomach and salivary glands, for the plethora of flavors that will follow and to put it shortly, arouse the appetite and palate of the mouth.

The basic rule indicates low alcoholic percentages (up to 25 °), nose-flavored, lively but not overly sweet and usually light in color, almost always dry but balanced out and with a short aftertaste, often mixed with fruit juices or carbonated water. White wine, vermouth, liqueurs, champagne, sparkling and light cocktails (It’s gin’s time to shine!) are the classic choices, always in yellow or rose shades. Martini, Aperol, Campari, Pastis, Lillet, Dry Sherry, Pimm’s, Cinzano, as well as our famous ouzo are some of the most popular aperitif labels, which you should always keep in mind first.

Tips & Tricks

• Always aim for the aperitif, anywhere between, 19.00- 21.00. Late in the afternoon, when the customers still aren’t in the mood to dine, an aperitif is the best choice! However they can also be offered early in the afternoon before lunch, by the sea.

• Did some of your customers arrive earlier than the scheduled booking?  What better than offering them an aperitif at the bar that will keep them company and relax them, until their actual company arrives?

  • Attention: We do not want the customer to get lightheaded or drunk. Thus, we limit the amount of alcohol to the bare minimum, as well as, the portion of the aperitif. Same goes for the prices too!

    • A great deal of attention should be paid to the serving temperature of the beverage. The aperitifs should be cooled well and remain cool even if consumed slowly. Their refreshing character is a must!

    • Suggest champagne or white wine aperitif before fish, seafood and poultry dishes, and red vermouth, wine aperitif or light red liqueur prior to red meat and spicy or greasy dishes.

    • Use only high quality carbonated or mineral water, preferably low in sodium, for your aperitifs. You will find that it has beneficial effects on the flavors, by reducing the acidity.

Secret Recipe!
Aperol Spritz
80 ml Prosecco wine
50 ml Aperol Aperitivo (either Campari or Cynar)
40 ml of carbonated water
Add the ingredients one by one to a large, ice-filled, wine glass and garnish with an orange slice.