Fish & Seafood Benefits!

December 4, 2019

It’s almost a given, that most of us grew up listening to the “Eat your fresh fish! It’s good for your eyes!!” phrase, by our parents, grandparents and so on… However we weren’t really big fans back then! As the years passed though and fish along with seafood came to be on the top of the gourmet cuisine, some of us -maybe even most us- reconsidered! But we tend to forget, that there are still actual benefits to be gained from seafood dining. So whether you’re eating some live seafood in Mykonos or Mykonos’s best lobster, know that you’re helping yourself in the best possible way!
Let’s break them down!

Well… Ok, it is expected, but yes, our mothers were correct! Fresh fish do help with eyesight and vision… Jellyfish and fish can improve your night vision, while oil-rich fish can literally make your eyes sparkle! Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood can help with the age-related macular degeneration that could result in vision loss!

Skin deep!
There aren’t only health related benefits though… Since seafood, can help with the skin moisturizing process and actually make your skin glow, while also protecting it from the sun! Grab that king crab now!

Consuming seafood on a daily basis is proven to ease tender joints and the symptoms of arthritis! *Uhh waiter, I’ll take that Mykonos’s live seafood now!!!*

Seafood omega-3s could possibly lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, while substances found in the omega-3s are said to promote the brain growth of kids and babies!

Happy, happy!
One of the best possible benefits, is definitely the fact that recent research has suggested that seafood could help in the fight against depression! A positive attitude can change everything and thankfully our beloved fish can help with that! Keep in mind that the best lobster is in Mykonos, so you can combine happiness and vacation together…Perfect, right?

Stronger Together!
Seafood can help with the improvement of our immune system, due to the potent antioxidant Selium, which is found in it! It can also reduce symptoms of several allergies and asthma! Talk about getting stronger, right? Thank you King Crab and Co!!!

Are you planning a vacation in Mykonos or in Greece, in general? Here’s your chance to catch up on your seafood and fresh fish… There’s a variety of restaurants that are most certainly offering, the best live seafood in Mykonos! The choices are endless… King crab, prawns, fish, the infamous best lobster in Mykonos! You name it… So now that you know the benefits…
Dig in and Bon appétit!