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Take the first bite from DK Oyster gastronomic experience!

It was not easy, yet we are excited as the DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant Menu is now ready and full of delicious surprises! We kept everything in mind; the local produced ingredients, the fusion of authentic Mykonian tastes with a creative twist, the pursuit of the freshest fish and the some meat suggestions that […]

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Living the perfect day in Mykonos!

Are you a first time visitor of Mykonos? Or you are coming back every summer to experience all these things that make Mykonos so unique? Whichever is your traveling status and your “relationship” with Mykonos, then we have some great news to share. Actually, we are eager to describe how is living the perfect day […]

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Summer is getting closer; so does the DK Oyster Opening!

Yes, we are excited! We know that as summer is getting closer, so does the DK Oyster opening at the 24th of April. Everyone in DK Oyster Restaurant & Bar is working really hard as the opening date of the brand new summer sensation in Mykonos Island is getting closer. Creativity and stress go hand […]

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Chill out in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Bar!

Summer in Mykonos is whole a different story and absolutely different of what to experience from any other place in the world. On an island famous for decades as the rich and famous destination, party goers and sea lovers know that will find in Mykonos the perfect place to create summer memories that last forever. […]

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Fresh seafood in Mykonos and the DK Oyster Restaurant!

The gastronomic heart of the brand new summer sensation in Mykonos called DK Oyster Restaurant beats at the proposing the freshest seafood delicacies. You do have to be prepared and eager to taste some of your life’s greatest seafood proposals. From late morning hours to night, in DK Oyster Restaurant you can taste satiny oysters, […]

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Where to go for brunch in Mykonos?

The thing about Mykonos island lifestyle is that probably you will go out dancing and drinking all night long and you won’t wake up early to have breakfast. There is no need to worry, of course, as Mykonos has the new brand new hot spot for brunch. DK Oyster Beach Bar & Restaurant starts its […]

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The new Mykonos Summer Events Venue: Discover DK Oyster!

There is no better place on earth to organize a summer event than the island of Mykonos! People who lived a wedding experience here, or threw a party know that Mykonos is the island-to-be for any kind of celebration. We do have some exciting news though, as a new venue is getting ready to host […]

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