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Info and Facts about Oysters!

As in the name of DK we use the word oyster to describe our main inspiration, not only for the bar and restaurant’s name but for the menu also, today we like to share some interesting facts and info about ousters, how to eat them, which drink suits perfectly and are they, after all, oysters […]

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Food-Drink-Fun: where to find everything in Mykonos island!

Well summer has arrived, temperatures are now really high and you are in Mykonos island! Many beaches and venues call for summer days fulfilling the dreams of holidays that must include everything you desire. Wondering where to find everything in Mykonos island regarding food-drink and fun? We do have the answer and it starts with […]

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Smart ways to move around in Mykonos Island

As we already talked about the beauty, the tastes and the sophisticated yet summery allure of DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant by the beach of Platys Yalos, today we will go through some essential info regarding smart ways to move around in Mykonos or, if you prefer saying, the best transfer services on the island. […]

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All summer day long at DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant!

As the weather becomes warmer, visitors of Mykonos island arrive and if you are one of them wondering where to start your day with a great brunch in Mykonos, or looking for a place to have lunch after enjoying a day by the sea, or even the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, then we […]

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Info & Facts: All about Champagne

We will never get tired saying that champagne is the top choice when you want to celebrate and we also like to add that this is the drink choice for summer. In DK Oyster, we paid a great lot of attention to the champagne selection that we suggest and propose to our guests. Come along […]

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