5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017

5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017

May 18, 2017

If there were 5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017, then these are the ones below; but there are definitely more. We just try to mention and conclude the 5 reasons that will definitely make you feel wonderful while you are spending your holidays in the Aegean Sea and the island of Mykonos.


1.     There are countless amazing beaches. The essence of Mykonos is found in the azure coloured, crystal clear waters of its beaches. Organized or unspoilt, cosmopolitan or quiet, in Mykonos you will the beach that you wish to stay here forever.

2.     The food is great. The gastronomic scene of Mykonos is among the most intriguing across the Mediterranean. New concepts, delicious fusions of cuisines, fresh fish and simple local tastes meet with extravagant high gastronomy suggestions.

3.     Mykonos is a party heaven. Local and visitors love to party all day long. Whether you are looking for a beach bar fun by the sea, or a night out with drinks and cocktails all night long; you are just in the right island.

4.     And a paradise for relaxation. If you are not the party goer then, in Mykonos island, you will definitely find the relaxation corners to unwind and you will admire the beauty of the Windmills or Delos island.

5.     There is DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant. Yes, there is DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant, the new gastronomic and more destination by the beach of Platys Gialos. DK Oyster combines all the above mentioned reasons that can bring you to Mykonos. In DK Oyster Bar & Restaurant, you will enjoy some delicious seafood, relax or party in a super stylish seaside venue!

Hope these 5 reasons to visit Mykonos for summer 2017 are quite enough to bring you closer to the beauty of an island with unique entertainment and natural suggestions for memorable holidays. For more pleasurable details just visit